Legal Kratom Canada-Fundamentals Explained

A number of the alkaloids present in kratom behave as opioid receptor agonists in the brain, which means they attach themselves to the receptors and stimulate them in a similar fashion to other chemicals (in this case, opium). Unlike opium, kratom usage has not been found to be any more habit forming or physically addictive than its western cousin coffee, and the leaves have actually been used as a medicinal tool to help individuals suffering from opium addiction or withdrawals. Kratom is also blended into smoothies, mixed into chocolate milk, and stirred into malleable foods like applesauce.   Some have tried smoking kratom, and while it can be consumed this way without severe discomfort, the amount one would need to smoke in order to feel the effects is considered impractical.

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kratom flowers

Kratom is the name of a medicinal leaf from a tree in the Rubiaceae family native to Southeast Asia. The locals have been know to use this plant for its medicinal quality. Native people often chew the kratom leafs to help them work harder and longer. Kratom is often thought of as the “workers drug” because users enjoy working while chewing kratom leaves.

Mitragynine is the main alkaloid found in the kratom leaf. This alkaloid is responsible for kratoms desirable effects. There’s a complex series of 14-24 alkaloids, identified in the kratom leaf, and can be extracted through water and an alcohol extraction combined.

Kratom trees, usually grow to a height of 12-30 feet tall and the leafs can grow 7 inches long and 4 inches wide. The flowers on this tree are one of the wired est things Ive seen. They look like little yellow spike balls.Get More Info.


At this time kratom is a controlled substance in Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Bhutan, New Zealand, Australia, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden.

Kratom Forms

Before using kratom its advisable to read as much information about this plant as possible. You always want to start with a low dose and work your way up. You can read more information about kratom dosage here.There are different forms as well as different ways to ingest your kratom. The main forms of kratom are crushed leaf,powdered kratom leafs, kratom extracts, and kratom resin. These different forms have different strengths requiring different dosage. I enjoy the powder but it can take large amounts to have maximum effects.